About Me

Murdo is my debut novel, which was written for my dog loving daughter. I am fifty-one years old, was born in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England, and at the present time I work for an airline as flight crew based in the U.K. It has always been an ambition of mine to be a writer, although I have had no formal training, and until recently I was never able to find the right kind of stories to write. Along with the novels I have written three screenplays: ‘Filthy Lucre’, ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘Death Rides a Pale Horse’. The first two can be found on inktip’s website.

My hobbies include flying, most sports, I am a keen golfer, I love travel, theatre, movies and cooking.

Murdo was always meant to be pitched at the pre to early teens and upwards. It is essentially about family and the need to belong; the responsibility and self sacrifice that goes with the protection of loved ones and the innocent; Murdo realises that he longs to be a part of a loving family and it is Jessica who awakens this latent desire within him; she ultimately is prepared to sacrifice her own wellbeing in order to protect him from the revenge of her kidnappers. Dave Bryant is racked with guilt for not spending more time with his daughter instead of building his business empire. Inspector Monroe longs to be prove his worth to those around him. The kidnappers, sadly for them, fail to bond satisfactorily and share responsibility, which leads to mistrust and eventually their undoing.

My second novel ‘The Race for Flugal Farm’ was originally written back in 2006 and is the first book in a trilogy. I had the idea for Murdo while I was writing the first draft of Flugal Farm. It revolves around the Flugal family, and the inhabitants of their riding stables. as they attempt to save the farm from repossession from the bank, and an odious business man, Mr Williams, who wants the land for development. In a bid to save their home the last four remaining horses: Chance, Troy, Biff and Pogo are entered into a horse carriage race. They are noble aided by Nugget the dog, head of security, and Nigel, a Scottish pig, head of intelligence, along with family friend Uncle Dave and young stable hand Rachelle Perkins.

My third novel, ‘Genesis’, will be the first in a long series charting the adventures of Captain Harry Travers, an airline pilot who becomes a private detective. It is due for publication in 2018.